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About us and the tour

Kayak Adventures is an eco-sensitive nature tour operation, which focuses primarily on exploring wetland areas by using kayaks.
Whatever pre-conceived notion you may have in your mind about kayaking or of wetlands, take a moment, put them on hold and read on…

With regard to wetlands, it has long been promoted as an eco-system rich in its bio-diversity in terms of its flora and fauna. However, the traditional approach has been to use motorboats to tour such areas. Although motorboats has its advantages, they limit the experience afforded by use of kayaks.

Concerning Kayaking and its safety, (see our FAQ Page).


lovely scenery
We rise at five a.m. to get an early start. A light breakfast, double check the gears and we are on our way to the Oropouche Lagoon which is located in the Southwest of the island, about 6 km south of San Fernando. The area comprises approximately 56 square kilometres of tidal estuarine wetlands. This is a relatively small area , however what makes this bit of wetland unique is that the area has three distinct wetland environments: The coastline, an area of brackish water with accompanying vegetation and Fresh water marshlands.

The mouth of the Gordineaux drains into the Gulf of Paria at Freeman's Bay. The usual compliment of coastland Birds are ever present to welcome visitors: Pelicans, Herons, Sand Pipers and of course the magnificent Frigate bird to name a few. Moments away into the swamp and mangrove forest the enviroment again changes.Kingfishers The coastline with its commanding view of the Gulf is now behind us. We are now in the midst of towering white mangrove trees, the sun barely able to peep through.

The most beautiful sight to behold amongst all this wilderness is the flight of a flock of Scarlet Ibis as they lift off, and continue to circle above the trees before settling down again. Besides the Aripero and Caroni Swamp, the Gordineaux is the only other wetland in Trinidad in which the Ibises can be found.

Apart from the Ibis, you can expect to see numerous species of Birds, in fact the majority of Wetland species common to Trinidad are to be found in the Gordineaux swamp, including egrets, blue herons, ospreys, the Ringed kingfish and a variety of hawks.
A few species of snakes such as the Cascabelle and Anaconda, though not commonly seen, are known inhabitants (exciting to see and harmless, unless provoked of course.)

There are also other reptiles and amphibians including the Green iguana, the Cayman (commonly mistaken for its cousin the alligator), and the Green tree frog.
Certain species of butterflies can also be seen as well.

Untouched Nature Kayaking in the Gordineaux wetlands is relatively new. Most of the Swamp has been untouched and man-related activities has been kept to a minimum. Except for the odd fishing boat, expect to see no one else. The atmosphere is peaceful, relaxing and undisturbed. Silence is broken mostly by the screech of the blue Herons and mating call of the wild birds.

Fortunately, the Government has no plans presently to develop any part of these wetlands, which effectively ensures that the area remains undisturbed, and in its pristine condition.

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